Black Times

Black Times

How are our 'Black times' and Remote desktop protection related?

Time is one of the entities that is extremely of the essence, it is, it has been, and it will be in any aspect of existence, specifically in the cyber world, many a cyber-interaction is time-sensitive, but it gains an extra air of sensitivity when it becomes a matter of cyber security, as it can mean losing your intellectual property in less than a minute if you leave your remote desktop –exchanged data alone with the potential hacker. What you can do is use SUNFIREWALL 'black times' option to block entry to your RDP port for any chunk of time you know or predict you won't be using your system ,or your RDP might come under hacking attempts, which can boost your RDP protection by multiple times. This way you can rest assured that while you are away, no one can even try to crack your username and password of 3389 port.


Why is the relationship between black times and RDP protection vital?

When you and your team, probably scattered in different geographies, are awake and working, if a cyber-threat like a brute force attack is launched against you, through the information in the black country event log you can monitor it live, track it through its GPS location, Its country, the ISP, and time zone(all detailed in brute force feature page) and not only be alert about it, but if need be, immediately start taking action against it, like pursuing legal or security action using the geometric information. But when you are off duty, off the clock, away from your system, awake or asleep, your system can't be helped but be more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The best things you can possibly do is to "black times" your remote desktop port in any time span, leaving it unattended you may perceive as a threat to your RDP security.

How does sun firewall 'black times' work in RDP protection?

There are three scenarios where you would want to specify a 'black times' and remote desktop protection will be at its highest:
Black times

'Black times' Permanent, predictable time slots according to your schedule

There are those times when you know you will not be awake and alert , at your system, which we have named profiles, they are regular and predictable, like breakfast time, lunch break, bed time, weekly meeting time, and so forth. You choose the profile , you set the starting and stopping point, once, and you push add and it becomes a permanently blocked time slot on your remote desktop port 3389, meaning it will always be there unless you remove it manually using the cross next to the profile name.

 time zone-analyzed threat times

'Black times' time zone-analyzed threat times

one of the geometric information SUN FIREWALL's brute force feature provides is time zone of the location the IP attacks from in real time, giving you an idea of how their waking, active hours compare to yours, or your schedule; using which you can calculate their waking hours patterns and proceed to add those to your black times profiles as well.

Black times' Temporary unpredictable away times

Black times' Temporary unpredictable away times

The third scenario is the unpredictable times, when suddenly you are called in to meet a drop-in client, or you have to take a long phone call, in such scenarios you only select a stopping time, like one hour from now, 30 minutes from now, even 1 minute form now, and block your RDP port for that specific period, which will expire on its own when that time span is up.


SunFirewall's thoroughness in presenting black times and RDP protection boost.

In addition to a number of neatly protective cyber security measures, like blacklisting an entire country, SUN FIREWALL gives you the option of blacklisting anybody attempting to log in to your remote desktop port at certain periods of time, which only goes to say how thoroughly we are looking out for the security of your cyber system in general, and your remote desktop protection to be specific.

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