10 Best Free Remote Desktop Tools You Should Know


free remote desktop software in 2020


  Free Remote Desktop Tools You Should Know 

Remote desktop software have been around for a relatively long time now, and they keep getting better and better. As with all pieces of software they are constantly evolving and becoming better, which makes choosing which one to use pretty hard. Here we have comprised a list of 10 Free remote desktop software in 2020 along with their features, so you can get a good glimpse of what to expect from such software. With no further ado here are the best free remote desktop Tools in 2020:

1.Team Viewer

Team Viewer used to be the to go application for IT administration to remotely connect to clients and make adjustments to them. This free remote desktop tool has all the online collaboration tools you need, features include virtual meetings and presentations and others. The platform is user friendly and easy to setup and all around a go to when it comes to remote desktop software.

Also the security is really nice and it uses end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption, two-factor authentication, and other industry-grade security features according to it’s website.

 teamviewer user interface


Parts of the AnyDesk development team also helped shape TeamViewer. Their main goal was to develop an improved transmission method. The specially developed process is called DeskRT and is intended to reduce the data volume during transmission.

In practice, this means that even complex programs such as graphics and image processing tools can be operated remotely without having to accept any significant loss in image quality. Despite the sophisticated technical background, the program can also score in terms of user-friendliness. However, the free version is only available for private users, professional users and companies have to pay.

anydesk user interface



The ThinVNC software offers screen sharing, remote desktop functions and file sharing. With ThinVNC you get a beginner-friendly remote program that scores with simple installation and quick and uncomplicated setup. It can be used without installing client software; the remote control of Windows desktops is carried out from any web browser with HTML5 support. ThinVNC also uses AJAX and JSON and therefore does not require any additional software or browser plug-ins. File transfer is also straightforward. Practical: You can also access a local computer from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones .

Until a short time ago, this was a free remote desktop tool. In the meantime, the ThinVNC code is still available as an open source solution, but apparently it is no longer regularly updated, the product is discontinued in this form. There are only paid versions under the name Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation.

 thinvnc user interface


The open source software UltraVNC is distributed under the free GPLv2 license. The software bundle from viewer (client) and server (remote PC) helps you establish remote connections and manage them. It achieves this via VNC system ( Virtual Network Computing), which runs on RFB ( Remote Frame Buffer) protocol. Remote connections are established using these two components enable, among other things, the uncomplicated transfer of files, the exchange of text-based messages and Different authentication methods.

Both the client and server components of the free remote desktop tool impress with their extensive configuration options. These allow experts a lot of leeway. However, in return it makes less experienced users have a more difficult time dealing UltraVNC, which is also due to the stale menu interface. Since the signals of the server application can be received and displayed by any number of viewers, it is suitable for training or presentations.

 ultravnc highly customization ready user interface

5.Chrome Remote Desktop

Out of all the free remote desktop tools we covered, this one is different because its an extension for Google Chrome. If the web browser is installed on the participating computers and a Google account is available, you can use Chrome Remote Desktop to access remote computers over the Internet and control them remotely. And you can use the service on all platforms on which the search engine giant's browser runs. In addition there are special apps for Android and iOS devices. In order for a computer to be managed remotely, approval is first required.

As part of the release, the Chrome Remote Desktop Host software is automatically downloaded. The system is only ready for remote control once you have installed it. Then use the host program to generate a specific code that is required for later access.

chrome remote desktop user interface


With its remote applications, Splashtop primarily pursues one goal: Users should enjoy maximum convenience when they want to access their apps, projects or files, regardless of the device used. The American company attaches great importance to the mobile sector in particular. Depending on which Splashtop product you choose, you can choose from a wide range of features with widely varying cost factors . The basically free Splash top Personnel is an excellent if you need a solution for remote access to up to five devices within a local network. However, this version is only approved for non-commercial use. In addition, remote access via the Internet and the client apps are chargeable for some devices.

The professional remote management of devices in company networks are provided by Splashtop Business. With this paid remote package, you can not only transfer files, but also access local printers and communicate with the user of the remote computer via chat. The established, TLS- encrypted (256-bit) connections are characterized by high stability and performance.

 splashtop user interface


7.VNC Connect

For more than 15 years, the Cambridge-based and globally active software company RealVNC has stood for powerful remote programs. Among other things, the award-winning company behind VNC Connect is one of the best free remote desktop tools for personal and commercial use in its product range. Consisting of a server app for the computer to be controlled and a viewer application that is installed and started on the working device, the professional tool provides you with all the functions you need to remotely control other systems. These are automatically discovered via the Internet without the need for special firewall or router configurations. In order to be able to offer a high level of security, meetings are not only encrypted, but also password-protected.

 vnc connect ui



The software offers secure online meetings and it’s “made in Germany” meaning: The developing software company is based in Germany, No download or installation is required to use it, the program can be called up directly in the browser, via Windows, macOS and Linux as well as on iPhones, iPads and Android devices. The browser-based HTML viewer allows up to 25 users to view a computer at the same time. The presenter can pass on his role to any participant with approval, the remote control of another computer is also possible.

The integrated function for file transfer enables data transfer between participants and presenter. In addition, Mikogo has all the common features and functions of online meeting software. A chat function, the possibility to record sessions and an interactive whiteboard are integrated. A demo version is available free of charge for individual users (maximum one participant per session). The professional solution is available after a 14-day test phase starting at around € 15 a month.

 mikogo user interface


9.Microsoft Remote Desktop

This is a true and tested remote desktop software which has been available for a long time now. It comes with the standard windows operating system and offer remote desktop access and file control. Windows remote desktop is only available in Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate versions of Windows. Its a free remote desktop tool and also has some apps for Android and iOS platforms.  All in all Microsoft Remote Desktop is a go to application for remote desktop access.

Microsoft remote desktop user interface



The basic concept remote access software LogMeIn is to optimize the sharing of resources and to make them available around the clock from anywhere without neglecting the security aspect. To achieve this goal, you will receive up to 1 TB of cloud storage space in order to be able to save all relevant files, applications and projects in a central location. On the other hand, LogMeIn provides various applications for Windows, macOS, the mobile systems iOS and Android as well as a cross-platform browser application with which you can establish remote connections in local networks and over the Internet.

logmein user interface

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