Advantages and Disadvantages of Remote Access


 remote work advantages and disadvantages


Advantages and Disadvantages of Remote Access 

Remote Access has become a hot topic in the recent developments of the Covid-19 virus. Here we are going to see how to use remote access to work remotely. We are going to measure the pros and cons of remote access.

Remote Access: What it is And What it is not

remote access is referred to a range of different services that can facilitate a person to access a remotely located computer network from one location. This has somehow revolutionized the way that some of the service workers can work nowadays. It also comes with it’s range of downsides that we are going to get into.

But how does this process work? It comes down to a remote access software ranging from TeamViewer to Windows remote desktop protocol. They use some kind of connection to connect to the remote host and enable the user to use the remote host as if they are physically using them on site. With the recent developments in the world, the way people view work space is different now, because many workers especially in the tech industries can now operate from their own home, by using the remote access services. But without further ado lets get to the advantages and disadvantages of remote access.


Remote Access Advantages

There are many advantages that remote access software and infrastructure can provide to the average company, here we will list some of those and also let you know what kind of pieces of software or equipment is needed for you to benefit from each one of them.


Advantage: Remote Access for Tech Support

Many companies have decided to outsource the need for tech support in their offices. This allows small and medium sized companies to save up a lot of money that would otherwise go to maintaining an IT staff which is more expensive compared to a company situated in India that can offer very high levels of IT tech support as a service to the company, hence saving a lot of dollars for the company to allocate elsewhere.

The way that these remotely located IT support companies operate is usually with some kind of remote access, they mostly use TeamViewer  to remotely connect to the computers that need the IT support, whether they are servers or clients and then provide their support services. With that one done lets move on to more advantages and disadvantages of remote access.

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Advantage: Remote Access for Remote Work

Many services workers have come to realize that what they do in offices can be done by them easily with a laptop and an internet connection nowadays. This has lead to the creation of many remote workers and digital nomads as they call themselves. People who can live where ever they want and make ends meet just by working from the comfort of their own home.

This is one of the major advantages in remote access both for employers and employees, employers can enjoy less cost for keeping infrastructure or even real state and they can officially become a virtual company that has many people working from their own homes organized with remote access software. And for the employees it’s extra nice because they can be paid based on the merit they provide and have their free time for themselves to do any other project they want.


Disadvantages of Remote Access

With the many advantages that remote access has provided in the recent years, it has it’s share of risks that are concerning to some IT staff that view Cybersecurity as one of the main aspects of their network. Sadly if you allow remote access to your network also hackers can try and access the network. Now we will get to the disadvantages of remote desktop access.


Disadvantage: Remote Access is Risky because of hackers

Remote access service although being really prominent in today’s tech world, it is not that safe yet. One of the main risks that remote access faces is that with the possibility of remote access to your network, some malicious agents can try and access your network just to cause some harm. These people will try many ways to gain access to your network.

One of the main ways they try to hack a system is through the rdp mechanism  they will try and hack your system via many methods ranging from phishing to RDP brute force attacks . This provides them with ways to infiltrate your network and try and install some malware or even worse some kind of ransomware on your network.

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Disadvantage: Remote Access doesn't provide all the access we need

Although remote access is very interesting in itself. There are some things that cannot be done in remote access environments, which might hinder the ability of it staff to operate. First of all remote access doesn't provide physical access which might be necessary for some companies. But with the move to cloud infrastructure and providing networks as a service to companies this can be solved easily. The other problem is that to setup remote access in the first place there might be some kind of knowledge needed that many people cannot do them selves and hence they need to hire a professional either in virtualization or other services.

Published by Blogger at 2020 September 10