Best Remote Desktop Alternatives in 2020



rdp alternatives in 2020


Best Remote Desktop Alternatives in 2020

Windows Remote desktop is amazing and the remote desktop alternative solutions are a fine thing for admins and users alike.  They allow easy remote access to the systems, be it for support purposes or from the home office. No wonder that even less good mannered agents are interested in it, as these solutions may provide easy external access to the company.

For example, attackers can use stolen access data to gain access via remote desktop solutions. Often, administrator rights are not even required to use a corresponding remote maintenance program. Administrators should therefore keep a close eye on the use of these alternative remote desktop solutions. This may include taking a look at network traffic anomalies.

And as is always the case in IT security, the more widespread a solution is with users, i.e. more popular, the more it is the focus of attackers. Knowing which programs are used can be helpful.

We determined which solutions are used most for remote access and remote maintenance. In this article we try and identify the best remote desktop alternatives for 2020 and give you a quick view of the market so you can decide yourself which one of these remote desktop alternatives is considered best for your own personal or company use.

1. TeamViewer

TeamViewer allows remote control like online meetings, the software is available in many languages and for numerous platforms. TeamViewer is the most frequently used solution for remote maintenance in our evaluation and the top remote desktop alternative on the list. The software from a company of the same name is extremely popular internationally. TeamViewer is available for a whole range of platforms, from Windows to Mac OS and Linux as well as Chrome OS. The mobile platforms Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry are also supported. TeamViewer offers various license models for professional use in companies. TeamViewer is free for private use which makes it a reliable remote desktop alternative.


TeamViewer is always implementing new security functions to its solution, which should significantly increase the security of the users. The Trusted Devices function of this remote desktop alternative is intended to ensure that third parties do not gain unauthorized access to a user's account. If you log in to an existing TeamViewer account for the first time from a new device, you must classify this device as trustworthy before you can log in. An in-app message is sent to the email address stored in the account to authorize the device with a link. With the Data Integrity function, the system continuously checks according to TeamViewer whether the TeamViewer account shows unusual behavior.

2. AnyDesk

AnyDesk comes in the second place in terms of being a reliable remote desktop alternative on the list. The remote desktop alternative software is available for different platforms: Windows (XP to 10), MacOS, Linux and FreeBSD. Not all platform versions may be on the same level, but this is being increasingly aligned. AnyDesk allows users to control computers remotely. AnyDesk is used both in support for remote maintenance and in online collaboration in teams. AnyDesk promises high frame rates and low latency due to a special video codec.


Private users can use AnyDesk free of charge. Commercial users can use the software for evaluation purposes free of charge for 30 days. For self-employed people and companies there are the licenses AnyDesk Lite and AnyDesk Professional for even more features. This well distributed price range and services make Anydesk one of the best remote desktop alternatives for people who are on a budget or small companies.

3. RealVNC

With the help of VNC (Virtual Network Computing Protocol) and the forked development RealVNC, computers can be remote controlled independently of the platform. The viewer is available for download from a wide variety of platforms, from Windows to Mac OS to Solaris, AIX and Raspberry Pi. Use is free for purely private use, and there are various license models for professional use. Some of the paid versions come with 256-bit AES encryption. This type of VNC based remote desktop alternative is a good choice for people not trying to pay a lot or even any money for using a remote desktop software.

4. UltraVNC

UltraVNC is another VNC based tool for Windows that allows you to control other computers remotely but this one is free of charge. The simple program can also be used to exchange files and text messages. The solution consists of an UltraVNC client or viewer and an UltraVNC server. Several clients can contact a server if, for example, the content is to be displayed to several users for training purposes. This remote desktop alternative is perfect for online classrooms and other types of online meetings where a desktop screen should be shared among many viewers and that’s why it is the third on our list.


5. Radmin

The remote desktop alternative Radmin made it to our fifth place because of it’s speed. The software for Windows is considered one of the faster remote access solutions for Windows. The current version supports Windows 10. The remote computer screen is displayed in full screen or in a windowed screen. In addition to remote control, Radmin also offers file transfer, text and video chat. The whole solution consists of two modules. The viewer module must be installed on the local system, the server module on the remote computer.

Radmin uses 256-bit AES encryption to send and receive all data, including screen content, cursor movements, and keyboard signals. Via IP filtering, remote access can also be restricted to certain IP ranges. Interested users and admins can download a free 30-day trial version. The prices for Radmin vary depending on the licenses, you can visit the remote desktop alternative’s website for more information on the pricing.

6. LogMeIn

LogMeIn is known to many users from the time when there was a free solution to the service. This has been discontinued, and the manufacturer now offers a range of paid remote support solutions, including LogMeIn Pro. The solutions offer different functionalities, the simplest variant for private users with access to up to two systems. 1 TB of storage space. Android and iOS apps are available for LogMeIn so that PCs can be controlled from mobile devices.


LogMeIn bought the password manager LastPass some time ago. Depending on the LogMeIn-Pro license, one or more LastPass Premium licenses are included in the package. This might be a sweet deal for admins that need a password manager also, you can check the website for the current offers. Log Me In Pro is one of the solid choices for a remote desktop alternatives in 2020.

7. NetOp Remote Control

NetOp Remote Control is a professional remote access solution for companies. Numerous platforms are supported, including Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Web-based remote access is possible via NetOp Remote Control Portal. Via secure tunnels, support staff can also connect to non-graphic and embedded systems in the company like servers or network equipment. Supervised and unattended systems should be able to be maintained remotely with a single support interface.

Systems in which users are seated can be communicated with in real time via audio, video and chat. When it comes to security, NetOp Remote Control works with 256-bit AES encryption and it uses two-factor authentication. A free trial version of NetOp Remote Control is available for download.

8. Ammyy Admin

In Ammyy Admin is software for remote desktop connection and remote maintenance. Private use is free, there are different license levels for professional use.

The software works without installation or port release. After starting, the connection to the remote system is made by entering an ID and / or password. According to the provider, data communication is encrypted. This easy to use system makes Ammyy Admin a good remote desktop alternative for people with little IT knowledge.


9.Citrix client

With the Citrix Receiver, users can access their XenDesktop and XenApp installation. This solution does not correspond to remote maintenance in the classic sense. The Citrix Receiver is available for numerous platforms from Windows, Linux and Mac OS to iOS, Android to Windows Phone. With XenApp and XenDesktop, this solution works differently in architecture than the common remote access solutions. The applications are made available in virtualization based form, and remote desktop access is integrated. The user installs the Citrix Receiver on his client in order to access the applications made available. The accesses are often mapped via the user's standard Active Directory access. It is more of an honorary remote desktop alternative for companies that want to use a more virtualization based environment for their networks.

Citrix client

10. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome remote desktop is not a remote desktop alternative software per say, it is more a google chrome plugin. This free plugin allows you to connect to a remote desktop from a google chrome browser on any type of personal computer and also from apps on Android and iOS phones. It’s simple and streamlined environment make chrome remote desktop one of the fastest choices for a remote desktop alternative.

Chrome Remote Desktop


Although there are so many different solutions on the list people still use the original Windows Remote Desktop client for their remote desktop needs. And with the many security risks  involved in the original software, you better check out Sunfirewall remote desktop suit for a more secure remote desktop experience. With that said you can always try and make one of these other choices work for you and we hope this article has equipped you with enough knowledge and insight to pick the best remote desktop alternative.

Published by Blogger at 2020 August 05