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How Do Remote Connections Work and Are They Safe?

Remote desktop connections play a prominent role in today’s technology driven world. Whatever occupation you choose to pursue, you might have been asked by your it support team to provide a remote desktop connection so they can connect to and fix your computer. But you might think to yourself whether or not these remote desktop connections are secure and what kind of access are people getting when you give the remote desktop connection access to your computer. In this article we will try and answer some of the most common questions asked about Remote Desktop.

 how do network connections work

Are Remote Desktop Connections Encrypted?

The default windows remote desktop connection client has two modes of operation one is legacy mode which will allow any computer that’s running the remote desktop client to join a remote desktop session which is less secure, but the Network level authentication mode will encrypt data on transport. Other remote desktop software such as Team Viewer or AnyDesk have their connections encrypted by default.


Are Remote Desktop Connections Safe?

The answer is yes and no. depending on the remote network connection software you are using , there might be room for potential exploit on the connection. The best practice is to give remote desktop access only to people or organizations that you trust if you are not tech savvy enough to secure your computer. The other solution is to use a remote network connection security software like Sunfirewall.


Is a Remote Desktop Connection a VPN?

 No Remote desktop connections are a way to facilitate remote access from one computer to another one. A VPN is a virtual private network meaning that you connect to a VPN to get access to shared data or computers that are on the same virtual private network. Essentially a VPN is a way to connect remote computers together but a remote desktop connection is having access to the desktop of one computer from another computer remotely.

Why Cannot a Remote Desktop Connection Connect?

To be able to connect to a remote desktop using the default windows remote desktop client, the computers must be on the same network. But if you are trying to connect over the internet you can use either Microsoft's remote desktop assistant or set up the port-forwarding feature of the router of the remote client to a specific port so you can access it from it’s Public IP Address and Specific Remote Desktop Port. Or you can use other remote desktop software like Team Viewer.

 Remote Desktop Protocol Work


How Does The Remote Desktop Protocol Work?

The remote desktop protocol is a protocol that enables a remote computer to connect to your current computer or vice versa. It’s a simple client and server model, in which the desktop that you try to connect to runs a RDP server and the desktop that you are trying to connect from uses an RDP client. The data is sent on the RDP protocol which is a Microsoft propriety protocol. It runs on the 3389 port by default and all windows computers have both the client and server installed on them.


What Are Remote Desktop Gateways And How Do They Work?

Remote Desktop Gateways are essentially a windows desktop or server client that people can connect to from outside networks (like the internet) and then connect to a computer that the gateway server is on. This adds an extra level of security, because the gateway acts as a DMZ or Demilitarization Zone, which means that if a potential hacker tries to connect to a remote system only one computer would be at risk instead of the whole network. And unauthorized access will be much easier to spot and deal with.

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How To Have Remote Desktop on Two Monitors?

You can do this in two ways. First you can go to the options of your remote desktop connection’s options on the bottom of the window, then navigate to the display tab and check off the box that says “Use all my monitors for remote session”. This is the standard way to do this you can also invoke this by launching the remote desktop connection software from the command line or Run command, with the multimon flag, you can type in: “mstsc.exe -multimon” and it will be enabled when you launch it.


Can Remote Desktop Connections Be Monitored?

Remote desktop connections are exactly like normal windows clients and if you want to monitor a remote desktop session, you have to install a monitoring software either on the remote client or the client you use for remote desktop connection. To answer the question above, yes they can be monitored and it is advised to monitor a remote desktop connection to your computer from outside sources and even keep recordings of what people do on them if you don’t trust the person handling the computer.


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I Can’t Find The Remote Desktop Connection?

If you are unable to find the remote desktop client on windows, you can just press ”windows + R“ and in the run menu type: “mstsc.exe” and the remote desktop client will show up. If someone is unable to connect to your computer via a remote desktop connection, you will have to check your window’s version and discover it’s version if its a home edition windows remote desktop server is not supported on it.


Do Macs Have Remote Desktop Connection?

Apple has it’s own version of remote desktop called remote login which can be accessed by some settings on the computer. But if you are trying to access a windows remote desktop connection on a Mac, you can download and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client from the apple app store and then use the installed software to connect to any windows client from a mac via the RDP protocol.


When to Use Remote Desktop Connection?

Because some scammers are actively trying to get your personal information by pretending to be tech support and advertising virus-like screens of some websites so you will think your computer is broken and needs repairs and call the scammers for support, it is advised that you don’t ever let anyone you don’t trust access your computer via remote desktop connection. Only use remote desktop connection if you know where the connection is coming from and you trust the person or company, if you want to remotely connect to other peoples’ computer this rule applies but it’s less severe. If you are using third party software like team viewer for remote desktop connections, beware of unwanted file sharing requests.

Published by Blogger at 2020 June 17