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remote desktop from mac connection


Microsoft remote desktop from mac, to a windows desktop, a concept you might think not possible when you first approach it. But this might not be the case after all and with the recent boom of remote connections we can expect that it is something much needed today.

While entering the last months of 2020, the covid-19 virus has made us lose physical connection access to our devices more than ever. Imagine working a for a company that works in the IT or business sectors, as a specialist you wouldn’t need to physically attend work. Well the covid-19 virus has made it really scary to even leave the quarantine of your home and now you have to work remotely. But what is that? Your boss tells you to connect to the computer that you used at work. But how can you do that? You have a mac and want to initiate a connection of  remote desktop from mac to the destined computer. Well don’t worry there are several ways to do that and we will go over some of the best ways that you can have remote desktop access from mac devices.


Microsoft Remote Desktop and Alternatives

Microsoft remote desktop has been around for a long time. It was once the single solution to connect to a remote computer for providing services or check ups and most of the IT staff used it for IT assistance and remote support. But after a while people started experimenting with new ways for faciliating this remote desktop connection, so third party protocols like vnc and third party software like teamviewer started dominating the remote desktop market. This now leaves us with two seperate methods to use remote desktop from macs and we will go through each of them and let you know how you can use these approaches to connect to remote desktops from macs.


Remote Desktop Protocol and RDP for Mac

This connection can also be established using many small tools that can be found in the app store. There are free to paid tools, which differ in the management of its connection, resolution settings, etc.

For our uses we have currently suggested the Microsoft Remote Desktop app in the mac app store. It's free and sufficient for our needs. Here you can see a steplist on how you can install the application and use it:

  1. Open the App Store .
  2. Look for microsoft remote desktop 10 in the search box in the top left .
  3. When the result is found, click on DOWNLOAD . The app is downloaded, then the button name changes to INSTALL. Click on INSTALL .
  4. Open the Microsoft Remote Desktop app.
  5. Click the + in the menu bar and select Desktop .
  6. Enter the address of the terminal server in the PC name field . You should have received the address from your IT service provider. If not, contact your administrator.
  7. Under Gateway click on No gateway and select Add Gateway… .

remote desktop mac version in app store

Enter the address of the Terminal Server Gateway in the Gateway name field . You should have received the address from your IT service provider. If not, contact your administrator.

  1. In the field Friendly name the display name , eg "My company TSG".
  2. In the User account field, click on Use Desktop User Account and select Add User Account… .
  3. Enter your domain in the Username field , followed by a backslash and your username . For example, "my company m.pattern". The username is the same as when you logged on to Windows. You should have received the domain from your IT service provider. If not, contact your administrator. You write the backslash with [Shift] + [Option] + [/]. In the Password field, enter the password for your user account . In the field Friendly name the display name , eg Maria pattern.
  4. Click the Add button . The account window closes.
  5. Click the Add button . The gateway window closes.
  6. Click the Add button . The remote desktop connection is saved under Saved Desktops .
  7. Double-click the connection to open it.


This is the standard way to use microsoft remote desktopl from mac devices but there is also another way that doesn’t use remote desktop protocol and it’s using third party apps.

remote desktop application for mac

Third Party Apps

As we discussed before there have been many new apps and services in development and in stores for the single purpose of remote desktop connection. Now this has lead us down a path of confusion as there are many apps that want to offer these services. We have provided some of these apps in this article  but unfortunately that article only discusses windows app.

You want to use a third party app that offers multi platform capabilities, meaning that you can use the app across different platforms. A sure way to identify these kinds of applications is to see wether they have mobile support or not because if they have mobile support they probably are offering a cross platform service. Notably good apps that come to mind are teamviewer and anydesk you can see their features and comparison here  and decide yourself which one you like better.



Connecting to a remote desktop from mac is easier than any prior date in history and we have covered all the ways that you can achieve it. Personally we recommend using the remote desktop app by Microsoft which is developed by Micorosoft but beware for the many remote desktop vulnerabilities  when you are using the RDP app. All in all you can achieve remote desktop from mac connections easier with the references we have provided for you here and don’t forget to follow our blog for more remote desktop related cotent.


Published by Blogger at 2020 September 22