How to Disable RDP port at Idle times easily




Disable The RDP Port at Idle Times Why and How


Why should you disable the RDP port at idle times? Well before that we have to tell you what the RDP is. The Remote Desktop Protocol is an integral part of Windows personal computers that allows external users to connect to their client from an outside network and use their desktop. This has become a major part of the IT industry as of late because of the demand of freelancing and outsourcing work to people outside the company. But also has made the companies internal network prone to hacking and exploitation. The Windows Remote Protocol mostly uses a default port that can be accessed from any person outside the company if they have the IP address of the destination computer. This makes one wonder how to prevent such intrusion. One of the ways is to disable the RDP Port. Today we will explain why disabling the RDP Port at Idle times might be a good idea and What you can do about it.

the RDP protocol is not as secure as you might think

Is My Remote Desktop Client Secure?

Windows uses Remote desktop protocol to enable you to access the remote desktop by accessing a default port number. And if a hacker gets a hint of the remote client’s IP Address he will try and use that to exploit the system very easily. That makes the remote desktop client vulnerable to brute force attacks . Although this remote port can be changed , that does not make the client secure. Because if a connection is intercepted by a man in the middle attack, the packets that are going through can be sniffed. And after a brief analysis on these packets which can be done by some open source software which are easily available, the hacker can see which ports are being used to send data to the client. And it can be guessed easily if the client is using those ports for a remote desktop connection. After that all the hacker has to do is to start a Distributed Denial of Service attack to disable the remote client to be accessed. So to answer the question at the start of the article, your Remote Desktop  Client is not as secure as you might think although it is more secure than using the default port.


Disabling The Remote Desktop Protocol Port

So you have changed your remote desktop port and are still paranoid about the hackers. One of the things that you can do if you are using a remote desktop client which is always on e.g. in a virtual desktop environment where the servers are on twenty four seven, is to disable the RDP port at idle times. This can be achieved the same way that we discussed in our how to change the RDP port . But instead of changing the port you will have to do this:


  • Press the start button and navigate to “Control Panel”.
  • Then Select “Windows Defender Firewall with Advance Security” from the menu.
  • Press the “Inbound Rules” button in the left bar.
  • Under the Action bar in the left press “New Rule”.

 Disabling RDP port at idle times in windows firewall

  • In What type of rule you want to create menu select “Port”.
  • In the Next menu specify the port you use for remote desktop protocol.
  • In the Next Menu select Block action from the options.
  • Press Next 2 more times and Name your Rule.


You are all set, all remote desktop connections will be refused to this port number that you have specified from now on. There is also an option to disable remote desktop connections to your computer from the Remote Desktop Settings menu in windows.

But as we have seen here this is a lengthy process and we shouldn't forget that this process is done manually and it takes a lot of time. So if you want to disable the RDP port at idle times manually, you will have a bad time. But don’t worry we live in the 21st century and manual labor is going out of style. There are third party software providers that can do all of this for you, but a lot more efficient and secure.


What If I Want to Disable The RDP Port At Idle Times Automatically?


There are no means to disable the RDP port at idle times, built in windows but there are some tricks you can use. One of them is if you wrote a batch file that you could run to do the things previously mentioned in this article. But the easier way would be to use a third party software that does this automatically.

Lucky for you Sun Firewall has come up with a  good solution to this. The Sun Firewall is designed for remote client security in mind. It provides a firewall suite packed with features that you can use for your remote client security. As we mentioned disabling the RDP Port when you don’t need it is a good way to secure your remote desktop clients even more. Sun Firewall has the Black Times feature. The Black Times feature allows you to disable and enable the remote desktop port at time spans defined by the user. This allows you to connect to the remote clients at selected times in the day. Thus increasing security with an additional layer. There are also many other features like black listing specific geological locations around the world and also protection tools when an attack occurs. The Black times feature is mostly needed in an environment that needs additional layers of security. Like for high priority clients e.g. administrators and managers.


What To Do Next?

Well if you are not convinced yet, you can take a look at the features provided in this article because disabling the RDP port at idle times is the least you should be worried about. There are other major security exploits in the windows remote desktop protocol which can be easily abused. But Sun Firewall has provided you with an answer for all of these security risks. You can try Sun Firewall for free, so take a shot and disable RDP port at idle times right now, or protect yourself against brute force attacks.

Published by Blogger at 2020 March 24