Local Resources tab in Remote Desktop Connection



Configuration of the Local Resources tab in Remote Desktop Connection


Remote Desktop Connection is a way to use and control more than one computer at the same time. Whit this Windows default feature, you could sit at your local computer and connect to another computer remotely. If you are going to use this cool feature, you need to know how to set it up. We have previously explained some settings in this tool (the General and Display tabs). The present article is to explain how to configure the Local Resources tab in Remote Desktop Connection.


Running  Remote Desktop connection

You can run Remote Desktop Connection using the Run window. on Your keyboard push Windows + R combination to open the Run window. Enter mstsc in the Open field and click Ok to run the Remote Desktop Connection programme. Furthermore, you can run the software using the command prompt (cmd) by entering the mstsc.exe command.

A more simple way to run Remote Desktop Connection is to go to the Start menu and type remote desktop in the search field. Then click on the Remote Desktop Connection in the search results to open.


running remote desktop connection use the run window  


running remote desktop connection using the command prompt 

The first view of the Remote Desktop Connection

Running Remote Desktop Connection, a new window entitled Remote Desktop Connection will appear. At first look, you will see only one empty field in this window, named Computer. But If you click on the Show Options button on the lower-left corner, the window will expand, and the options will emerge. In the expanded window there are five tabs. In the previous article, we explained the first an d second tabs. Now let's go to the third one, the Local Resources  tab.

the first view of remote desktop connection 

The Local Resources tab in Remote Desktop Connection

The Local Resources tab, consists of three sections named Remote audio, Keyboard and Local devices and resources, respectively.

The Local Resources tab in Remote Desktop Connection 

The Remote audio section in the Local Resources tab

If you click on the Setting button in the Remote audio section, you see two subsections.

Configure remote audio settings in the Local Resources tab 

The first subsection has entitled Remote audio playback and includes three options. The first one is, Play on this computer (This option is selected as default). By choosing the first option, you can play the audio files on the remote computer and hear the sound from your local computer. The second one is, Do not play. Selecting this option means that playing audio will be impossible on the remote session. So there will be no sound. The third option is Play on the remote computer. It means if you play audio on the remote computer, the sounds are hearable on the remote computer too. So you couldn’t hear the sounds on your local computer.

configure remote audio settings on remote desktop connection 

The second subsection in the Remote audio section is Remote audio recording. You have two choices in this subsection. You could choose either to record audio from your local computer (the first option) or, do not record any audio (the second option).


The Keyboard section in the Local Resources tab

In the Keyboard section, you could define if the Windows keyboard combinations are usable on your local computer, on the remote computer or only when you apply the full-screen mode. You should choose one of these three states from a drop-down menu. If you choose the first option (On this computer), your local keyboard combinations will not work on the remote computer. So you have to use particular keyboard combinations on the remote desktop connection (either on the full-screen or window mode). Choosing the second one (On the remote computer) means that you can use the same keyboard combinations on the remote computer (either on the full-screen or window mode), as well as your local computer. And selecting the last one (Only when using the full screen) means that you could use your local keyboard combination on full-screen mode remote desktop connection while the local keyboard combinations do not work on the window mode remote desktop connection.

Apply Windows key combinations in remote desktop connection 

The Local devices and resources section in the Local Resources tab

In the Local devices and resources section, you could define the devices and resources you want to use on your remote session. Printers and clipboards are selected as default. Clicking on the More button, a list of devices and resources will appear.

Choose the devises and resources that you want to use in your remote session 

You could choose each of the devices and resources from the list and click Ok to make them available on the remote desktop connection.

Choose the devises and resources that you want to use in your remote session 


In this article, the Local Resources tab in Remote Desktop Connection and Its various sections were discussed. The use of Audio playing and recording options on remote desktop connection were clarified. Furthermore, the keyboard combination settings on Remote Desktop connection and giving access to remote computer's devices and resources were explained. Hope you find the article helpful. Share your views and experiences with us in the commenting section.


Published by Blogger at 2020 April 01