Monitoring Remote Desktop: How and Why?



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Monitoring Remote Desktop: How and Why?

Remote desktop has become a vital role for companies in the last year due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus spreading across the globe, and with this shift Monitoring Remote Desktop sessions by the IT staff has become a major issue. Remote desktop is a way of accessing computers from remote locations . The Remote desktop client of windows 10 is one of the prominent ways to access remote computers but it has proved to be a little unsafe . But it can be done with other software  also which might prove more secure. But the major issue here is not connecting to these remote desktop sessions but how we can monitor them easily. Here we will go through why you should monitor the remote desktop sessions and then we will go through on how this can be done using some modern solutions for Monitoring Remote Desktop in 2020.

Why Should You Monitor Remote Desktop Sessions?

Let’s consider a scenario that you have outsourced the IT help you need to a company outside your own company. That other company could be stationed anywhere between down the street to India, whichever it is, it will certainly use a remote desktop software to connect to your computer. While your computer is connected to the remote sessions however depending on your software of choice, Monitoring the remote desktop session might be not available because they will get full control of the system. This is one of the reasons that you may want to monitor a remote desktop session because of the privacy issues it might provide. But keep in mind that many remote desktop software today keep the display running in the remote desktop that the session is established to so you will see what might happen while the other party is operating.

Another scenario might be that you are running a company that has really high risk data that some operators are working on and as a company policy you have decided that monitoring their screens is a good idea and of course this is a part of their agreements with the company (because it would be illegal otherwise). But after the covid-19 virus many of your employees are working as remote workers now and you want to monitor remote desktop sessisons that they establish to their respective computers that they have to work on from home.

There are many other scenarios that monitoring remote desktop sessions is a good idea and we encourage you to think of some yourself. You have to keep in mind that nowadays no one can be trusted and monitoring remote desktop sessions kind of lowers the risk that is connected to the concerns that what other people might do to your system while they are working on it.


Monitor Remote Desktop Sessions To Stop Hackers

As you might know many companies have come into being in recent years that are operating as legitimate support companies. These support companies offer cheap labor and cheap prices to people and emplyers as IT Help staff. Most of these companies are located in India and Asian countries that have lower regulations on their companies and are not monitored that well. The thing that happens is that while these companies pretend they are legitimate they are actually stealing data and trying to install some ransomware on the systems that they are trying to reach. There is an amazing YouTube series that you can check out to see how these companies operate. And the main reason they do this is by initiating remote desktop connections to their victims. While the victims think they are getting some kind of IT help the matter of fact is that they are getting their data stolen and probably used against them in the future. Monitoring Remote Desktop sessions is one of the best ways to insure your safety while you are providing remote sessions to people who you don’t know.


How To Monitor Remote Desktop Sessions

There are two main ways that you can monitor your remote desktop sessions, one is for most of the third party software pieces that have flooded the market that provide you to monitor the session on your end. The other is for sessions that use remote desktop protocol that does not allow you to monitor the remote desktop session on your end. There is also the third option of using default monitoring software that can monitor sessions on all of your network regardless whether it is a local or remote connection.


Monitoring Remote Desktop Directly

When it comes to using third party remote desktop software, you have a choice of using a screen recorder to directly capture what is going on in the remote session. This can be done on two ways whether you are connecting to a remote desktop connection yourself or someone else is doing it to your end, it is possible to record the session. Some remote desktop software have this option built in them but if you want to look at third party options, you can use CamsStasia Studio Bbplus or Fraps to name a few to record the session directly, this is more suitable for persons that want to monitor remote desktop sessions themselves.

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Monitoring Remote Desktop Indirectly

If you want to monitor the sessions without the use of screen recording software, then you have a few choices. There is a good software that ManageEngine provides called remote desktop monitoring which is just designed for the job. The other options are RDP soft which has a suit dedicated to remote desktop monitoring or RDS-tools which is the same under another company.


Monitoring Screens in General

The third option as an employer would be to install a tracking or screen monitoring software designed to spy on your employees and see what they are up to. This can be used for their online sessions also. Teramind, Time Doctor or Vericlock are good options that provide plans that you can use for many employees when you purchase the license. These services some times include analytical data too so you can know what they are up to when they use their computers at work.



Although Monitoring Remote Desktop might seem like a hard task at first with the help provided here we hope that you can achieve great success in doing so. The three main ways to monitor have been discussed but if you are really worried about your security in these remote desktop situations we recommend you check out Sunfirewall for your security when operating remote desktop software.

Published by Blogger at 2020 September 02