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What’s rdpclip And Where Is It Used?


Rdpclip and remote desktop connection have a symbiotic relationship and rdpclip has a specific purpose and that is to facilitate the clipboard functionality.Remote desktop connections have been pretty widespread lately and that’s for a reason. It has become a Industry standard for many fields to hire either freelancers for some of their work or to outsource their work force from other cheaper locations. Remote desktop clients are a means to facilitate workers from outside to access computer clients that are directly connected to the intranet network of the company. When we use a RDC to connect to a remote host in windows, we need to use the clipboard. The clipboard is where the data that you want to copy or move is temporarily listed and stored. So when you want to use the Ctrl + V and Ctrl + V in a remote desktop host, Windows will recognize that you want to copy something in the remote host and not the device that you are working on.


RDPclip.exe Information

Rdpclip.exe in Windows task manager


Rdpclip is an essential part of windows remote desktop. As we stated previously rdpclip and windows remote desktop protocol have had a history and if you don’t know RDP is a protocol used by Windows to facilitate remote desktop connections. Rdpclip.exe generally runs when you start a RDC on your computer and helps you to use the clipboard functionality. The process uses virtually no resources and is safe because it’s a standard windows process.

The clipboard was added as a feature to windows from the start to facilitate easier transformation. When you want to copy a file in windows it stores the data of that file temporarily in a storage called clipboard. The files in clipboard will be marked and stored in RAM memory so when you navigate the Windows explorer to get to your destination where you want the file to be, the files would be marked for transport and not lost. If you wanted to copy or move with the command line, the clipboard wouldn’t be used as you would directly specify where you want your file to be copied. The whole functionality of the clipboard is to be able to copy and move files when using the GUI. It’s then easy to assume that you need  rdpclip and RDC are isseperable .


Remote Client Safety When RDPclip is run

Computer viruses and malware often disguise themselves as a windows process. And rdpclip.exe which stands for remote desktop clipboard is not an exception to this rule. You may find it odd if the rdpclip is using too much cpu or memory and it might be a virus hidden as the process.

What do you need to check for if you think rdpclip is a virus?

The original rdpclip is a standard core function of windows and it’s located in the main System32 folder in windows (usually C:/Windows/System32) and it’s a visible executable file. If you see it anywhere else like in the main windows folder or another location on your main drive, you may need to run a malware scan on it. You can download free computer protection software to check whether the file is a virus or not and if it is you can safely remove it. Remember rdpclip and RDC can’t be seperated.

But beware as the main file is a windows core function and it poses no threat to your client’s security. Removing the original core file rdpclip may result in problems in launching your remote desktop software and if it launches it might hinder the ability of having a clipboard in your system which is really annoying. So don’t go deleting core files before you are certain that it’s infected.


Is There Anything Else I Should Worry About?

The rdpclip.exe is a safe process and generally poses no threat to your RDC. But there are other things that you might consider doing for your remote client’s security. The Windows RDP protocol is prone to some Brute Force Attacks or it might even be targeted by a denial of service D.d.o.s attack . There are many ways that you can strengthen your rdpclip and RDC’s security. And one of the best ways is to use a firewall. Sunfirewall is a good choice that provides remote desktop security.

laptop with a lock on it’s monitor displaying Desktop security

Remote Desktop Security

By now you should know all about the rdpclip and RDC and their process, but are you worried about what else might endanger your remote desktop client? Remote desktop clients are always at risk of getting hacked. Some people might even be in your company and use their remote clients maliciously. The solution we provide here is SunFirewall. A strong and steady software developed for remote desktop protection. There are many features that can help you protect your remote desktop clients. The suspicious users we talked about can be detected by the Suspicious User Detection System . If you are getting harassed by hackers from a specific location on the globe, you can use our black country  to blacklist countries that might attack your computers.

Brute Force attacks are also a worrisome thing to consider when we are talking about remote desktop security. As windows rdp has many exploits as we explained earlier, if a hacker knows your remote desktop port they can start attacking your remote client with a brute force attack to get your password. I recommend reading more about brute force attacks here .

As stated the remote desktop port, when exposed to hackers can cause a lot of harm, Sunfirewall has come up with a soloution to this problem, The Remote Port Change  can help you chamge your remote desktop port at specific time intervals so your remote desktop client can’t be reached by unknown people, the IT team of the company can use this feature to enable or disable the remote desktop connection at specific times e.g. from 9 to 5.

But there is a better feature here, that can disable the remote desktop port at anytime the user wants. The Black Times  feature allow the users to set specific time periods for the remote desktop client to be active. You can use this feature to protect your remote desktop clients from incoming attacks at times when you have nobody who uses the clients. You can try sunfirewall for free and see for your self how it improves your security.

Published by Blogger at 2020 April 27